I love this product soooo much, i did my nails in the week and today i rebuilt a motorcycle engine and guess what? chips, stains etc. You cant beat that.
- Rachael Prevett

Love this product....... I work with 6 horses a day and it is sooo nice to just be able to come inside wash my hands and still have beautiful nails.
- Margaret Garret

I just returned from a wonderful vacation in India, where I had my nails done with this fabulous technique by Bio Sculpture Gel in a salon in Sydney. This is exactly what I was looking for for such a long time, since I am not into “false” nails at all, and rather surrendered to splitting nails and constant little make overs with all kinds of products – now my journey is finally over and I am so happy to have encountered this nail-friendly technique.
- Sonja Schönberger

I'm addicted, my nails have never looked so good... i get loads of compliments.
- Bree Barber

I'm a swim teacher so I'm always in the water.Bio Gel stopped my nails from splitting and peeling. I LOVE THEM!
- Jannette McDonald

I'm such a big fan of Bio Sculpture, I really can’t get over that my nails didn’t chip or break, amazing!
- Penny Hunt – Beauty Editor

Not a week goes by when I am not complimented on my Bio Sculpture nails
- Jena Lowndes

Just want to comment on how great my nails feel with Bio Sculpture... And flawless after 4 weeks. Love them so much I enrolled in the BS course and really looking forward to a new and exciting career!!!
- Nicole Carrick